Malmesbury River Valleys Trust

Welcome to the Malmesbury River Valleys Trust

The Trust was formed in 1992 to protect Conygre Mead and other areas of land within the river valleys surrounding Malmesbury.

Our objectives

  • To preserve, conserve, and protect the land owned by the Trust; its terrestrial and aquatic life and their habitats
  • To provide facilities for public enjoyment and appreciation of the wildlife of that land
  • To advance public education in the study of and research into the river valleys and their conservation

The work of the Trust

Volunteers carry out conservation/land management work on the first Sunday morning of each month. There is always lots to do so we welcome anyone who can support us.

We consult with the Environment Agency and Wessex Water in an effort to achieve a reduction in water abstraction and reverse the trend towards low flows in the summer months. Increasingly the Trust has become more involved in the wider aspects of life in the community and has representatives on the Malmesbury and District Conservation Group.

We are often invited to comment on those planning matters relating to the river valleys in the town and contributed to the North Wiltshire Conservation Statement and the Core Strategy.

Fund Raising

Fundraising is carried out via donations, membership, grants, sales of our own Christmas Cards, Preserves and other events with a view to:

  • Financing the maintenance and improvement of our two Nature Reserves
  • Purchasing replacement equipment as and when necessary
  • Enable us to purchase more land for the Trust in Malmesbury’s River Valleys

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